Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Just hopped on my blog to let everyone know that DH and I made a big decision today to stop family planning for at least 6 months. We are done!

This cycle was my last straw. I got 9, may I say NINE faint positives, and af was six days late.

These next six months are going to be about spoiling the heck out of ourselves and living our lives to the fullest. We are going to go places, and just have fun as a married couple.

I may hop on to blog every now and then, but I'm going to halt most all things that have to do with ttc.

This is just reality of infertility. Breaks are good. And this one is necessary for my sanity. I'm sick of seeing so many women around me just pop up's quite frustrating, but now I'm just going to say secretly in my head "at least I still get to go out late at night!!!" Maybe, just maybe that will help me feel better? Who knows.

I'm going to work on becoming a sexy & skinny wife for the next six months.

Reality is, that infertility can destroy people. I won't let it destroy me.

I'm done trying.

For now.

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