Monday, April 22, 2013

Quick update:

  • AF showed up 9 days late...she had been so good to me--not sure what changed???

  • She's come and gone. 

  • Canceled my clomid order and ordered iodine supplements and maca root supplements instead...should be here tomorrow! 
  • Going to try natural supplements until meeting my new fertility specialist since I'm on a new insurance plan.

  • Joined the gym! DH is my gym partner :)

  • Working like crazy. CRAZY!!!

  • Had 2 teeth pulled in 2 separate dental emergencies :/
That is all I can think of for now!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Going with the flow

Or should I say NOT going with the flow? AF is 6 days late...She's been so good to me for several months---on time, not too painful or heavy....Well, now she is playing games--again.

NO, I DO NOT THINK I AM PREGNANT. About 9 years of trying and failing---and a bazillion LATE periods, I'm pretty sure it is not pregnancy. Just waiting for her to start--so we can really start ttc again!!!

not much new to report other than a beautiful new dining room table set!

I'll check back in and update on my late AF later on this week.


Saturday, April 6, 2013

It's been quite a while....

Since I've posted anything! Around 3 months!

I am super happy to say that I've been at my job past the 90 day probation period and I was able to go into corporate yesterday and fill out my benefits package! Brand new health insurance, life insurance and retirement plan. I'm so excited!

We also bought a brand new car last month are are absolutely in love with it!

~Other than working full time, a bout of the flu, losing a few more pounds, a dental emergency, a trip to Arizona, the new car, and having my dear step son on weekends--- nothing really new has happened. We are still on a TTC break as of right now. Just enjoying life as we know it!

~DH and I discussed and we want to start TTC again in the next few months. We know it will be a long process, hard to endure, but we both feel we have only become stronger. We are in an even better position financially than before, I will have better medical coverage, and spiritually we both feel much stronger in our faith. We have given our infertility over to God, and we know he has a plan for us!

~I'll hop on more often and post a bit more as we prepare to start TTC again!

~I have re-started all of my vitamins and started the Paleo dieting again as of 3 days ago.
I have ordered clomid and begun jogging more often.

~Not only are we ttc, but we are going to hopefully get fit in the process!

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