Saturday, April 6, 2013

It's been quite a while....

Since I've posted anything! Around 3 months!

I am super happy to say that I've been at my job past the 90 day probation period and I was able to go into corporate yesterday and fill out my benefits package! Brand new health insurance, life insurance and retirement plan. I'm so excited!

We also bought a brand new car last month are are absolutely in love with it!

~Other than working full time, a bout of the flu, losing a few more pounds, a dental emergency, a trip to Arizona, the new car, and having my dear step son on weekends--- nothing really new has happened. We are still on a TTC break as of right now. Just enjoying life as we know it!

~DH and I discussed and we want to start TTC again in the next few months. We know it will be a long process, hard to endure, but we both feel we have only become stronger. We are in an even better position financially than before, I will have better medical coverage, and spiritually we both feel much stronger in our faith. We have given our infertility over to God, and we know he has a plan for us!

~I'll hop on more often and post a bit more as we prepare to start TTC again!

~I have re-started all of my vitamins and started the Paleo dieting again as of 3 days ago.
I have ordered clomid and begun jogging more often.

~Not only are we ttc, but we are going to hopefully get fit in the process!


  1. good to hear things continue to go well for you! congrats on the job and car...fantastic news! hugs!

  2. I came across your blog a couple of months ago and was excited to see an update! I too am on a weight loss journey and have a strong faith in God! We are in the beginning of our second IUI and if nothing happens we've decided to take the summer off. I am glad to hear things are going well for you! Feel free to visit me at!


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