TTC Timeline

  • 10/2007- Met the love of my life

  • 12/2008- Decided to start TTC

BFN after BFN

  • 11/2009-He proposed!!!!! --- I said yes!!!
BFN after BFN

  • 5/2010- Decided to take a break from TTC as wedding planning was stressful enough.
  • 10/2010- Married the man of my dreams!!!!
Busy remodeling our first home!
BFN after BFN, now AF is non-existent????

  • 4/2011- Got on the waiting list to see Infertility Specialist
  • 6/2011- Doc gives me the diagnosis, as I suspected: PCOS, begin Clomid that day
June 2011: Clomid cycle #1: BFN
July 2011: Clomid cycle #2: BFN
August 2011 Clomid cycle #3: BFN
September 2011: Un-medicated cycle, not avidly TTC due to depression: BFN
October 2011: Anniversary!!! BFN
November 2011: Faint positives??? Chemical pregnancy? BFN
December 2011: BFN
January 2012: Faint Postives??? Chemical pregnancy? BFN
February 2012: Chemical pregnancy
March 2012: BFN
April 2012: BFN, AF 11 days late
May 2012: BFN, AF 9 days late
June 2012: BFN AF ON TIME!!!!
July 2012: BFN, AF 1 day late- lots of weight loss! 34lbs so far!
August 2012: BFN and faints
September 2012: MANY FAINTS



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