Friday, June 10, 2011

June 4, 2011 Day 4 Clomid

Today is not much different. Less crying, more bloating. Still reading forums and googling Clomid success stories like crazy!

I have found myself less upset at those around me expecting. I don't feel as depressed. Although they keep popping up, I just know in my heart Robert and I have a little soul waiting for us. There is a reason for this journey, a reason for these struggles. Robert and I have spent many nights in tears, wondering why us?
I don't feel the "why us?" so much anymore... I get to read tons of stories like mine online and know I am not alone.
Gosh, what would we do without the internet?!

Not much more eventful going on, other than becoming anxious about my u/s on the 13th.
Going to take my pill.

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