Friday, June 10, 2011

June 5, 2011 Day 5 Clomid

Not much new today. No real side effects. AF was over two days ago, so I feel pretty good all around.
I am finding myself being weird. I hope this isn't self sabotaging...but I keep having Robert take me to maternity stores, and baby stores..."just to look" We have everything planned out already. I know its probably not very healthy, but it helps me a little. That sounds weird, right? You'd think it would be hard to see all of the baby things, but it is actually therapeutic to go around with Robert and pick out future things. ODD??

Maybe I'll regret this in the future, but somehow it has helped me these past few days.

Well, tonight I take my last pill for cycle 1 of Clomid. Who knows if this will work, but I'm sure praying my tush off. I must be grateful though that the side effects weren't bad, and I had access to so much information. From here on out I will continue my prenatals, baby aspirin, also Vitamin B complex drops. I heard to only take the tea until a few days before ovulation as it can stimulate uterine contractions which wouldn't be healthy for implantation.

Helping friends move bright and early tomorrow....Good Night!

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