Sunday, June 26, 2011

June 26, 2011 Still no AF

Today I had a girl friend over to teach me the ropes of extreme couponing... It was pretty fun and sure got my mind off of the past four BFN's I've gotten. I really hope I get the hang of it.

I took the latest test on the 24th, and told myself I'd hold off until the 27th. Tomorrow morning with FMU of course will be another one. I just don't understand my body. Still no AF, continuous BFN's. I wish I had a straight answer.

I reluctantly went out with my DH and friend to dinner and oh my gosh, I feel so sick right now. We sat at the bar and seeing the drinks made me feel so nauseous. I've had a continuous headache for days. I saw a temp dip so I figured yes of course AF will be here... but nothing... temp is back up near 100, so maybe I am getting sick. If I move around a lot I feel so sick. If I sit perfectly still the nausea goes away but the headache starts pounding. I just can't win! I hate these up's and down's. I hate these emotions. I am becoming a hermit, I hate to go out, I don't sleep until 4 am...even if I'm in bed by 11. I sleep till 10 or 11am. I feel like I'm going insane, and this is just the first month, the first round on Clomid. Have I lost it?!

I'm sure it doesn't help that I have a cast and a broken bone...and its hard to get around and I can't hardly do anything. I feel pretty nauseous and my headache isn't subsiding so I think this is all I'm going to write tonight, computer screen isn't helping.
Pray, Pray, Pray....

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  1. What kind of things did she show you? Is it mainly on the internet?

    Praying that AF shows up soon for you.


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