Friday, June 10, 2011

June 2, 2011 Day 2 on CLOMID

I took my first pill last night at 8:30 pm, therefore I must remember to take it each night at that time!
I'm lucky I'm a researcher... I hopped online after getting home from the doctors yesterday and researched the heck out of this drug... side effects, success stories and so on.
I knew ahead of time that it was best to take it at bedtime to sleep through most of the side effects. Today, though doesn't seem that bad. I've noticed that I am crying over every little thing--even Robert notices!!! I feel a tad bloated but no other side effect so far. Today I've joined a lot of online forums with other women who have PCOS and ladies taking Clomid. I'm learning a lot... I've even heard stories about people getting pregnant on their first round of this drug. Probably not my luck, but good to know. Robert seems like he has the biggest weight off of his shoulders today. So much less tense, and he tells me that he feels so happy that there is still hope left. Boy, do I love him so!!! Going to take my second pill tonight... I must be lucky because I heard some nasty side effect stories, and I'm not having these.

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