Sunday, June 12, 2011

June 12, 2011

Not much new today... basically a day of relaxing with my leg up all day.

Anxious, very anxious about my first f/u ultrasound tomorrow. Praying for the best. If not, I know it isn't the end, maybe up the dosage of Clomid, add another med... switch meds.. I don't know! But I sure hope and pray that there is some sort of progress.

I'm glad I have so much support, I have tons of friends and family praying which gives me hope. I am sure blessed.

Time to head to bed as tomorrow morning will be a lot of work washing my hair, sponge bathing, and trying to shave my one leg (hairy legs during an ultrasound sure isn't cute!!!), and finding a way down my porch steps...and on to our appointment! Gosh just thinking about it makes me tired!

Good Night friends

P.S. the pic just shows what I'm looking for, not my picture :)

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