Wednesday, October 9, 2013


It has been months....
Not much has changed. We are both working all of the time! We have my stepson most weekends. He keeps us super busy!

We are not currently medically ttc. We are saving money as our needed treatments will be super costly.
We don't try anymore. Whatever happens, happens--whenever we have time and energy. I've stopped obsessing and don't buy tests monthly anymore. I don't temp or track ovulation.

Our life is work, stepson, vacations, pets, house. For now I'm okay with that!

We are in a wonderful position if I were to miraculously fall pregnant, we would be so happy and financially, emotionally, and spiritually stable, we are just pretty sure its not going to miraculously happen!

God has a super great plan for me and He will never leave my side! I'm glad He leads my marriage, and my life.

Life is good.

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