Monday, June 20, 2011

June 20, 2011 Progesterone Results

I woke up and immediately called the doctor this morning. I was told the doctor hasn't reviewed my blood work yet and someone would call me when he has. I got a phone call and the nurse said "Ok the doctor says your blood work shows that you definitely did ovulate." I said "ok can you tell me the number please??" She sighed and was like "Let me see if I can read this..." "14.5.. ok? bye." and hung up! I was like what?

I got out of bed, wheeled my way into the living room and got on the computer onto some of the facebook pages for fertility and posted a question about this number...and was advised by some really nice strangers to call my doctor back and ask him some further questions and find out what my next step is. I did just this.
Of course they said ok so I will leave a message with the doctor and call you back when he responds.


When the SAME nurse called back she read his letter to me word for word and basically said that I need to call if my period has come and order in more Clomid, if it hasn't come in a week keep taking HPT until it comes up positive or AF shows up. I asked her if she knew anything about the numbers on progesterone levels and she replied no, not at all.. So all I know is that I did ovulate.

For some reason this still made me very emotional. I sat here on the couch and just cried. Poor DH was trying to comfort me, but I just felt that a 14.5 was too low. Then I looked at my chart and dissected it day by day... and googled away....
I realized that most CD 21 progesterone tests are taken at 7 dpo and mine was done on either 5 or 6 dpo.... so the number might have been low because it wasn't at the progesterone peak yet. DH went to the store and bought 5 tests....

Yup, I decided to test every other day until AF is past due. Of course today's was negative... still early. I just knew I couldn't wait... POAS addict? Maybe.

As far as symptoms go:
Last night tons of cramping and sharp pains, major hunger pangs today, nips a bit sore, crying a lot--even while watching "Cake Boss" NUTS! and the extreme exhaustion showed up again today... all I want to do is sleep--but I don't sleep well at night, so I don't know! Sooo wishing I could see into the future, that would be amazing!

Until next time.

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