Saturday, September 8, 2012

Son of a Crack Nut, what?

What is this? I've had the most odd cycle, probably in the history of my menstruating. Seriously. Af was only 4 days long. Um... ?? First time for everything?

Then, four days after she was "gone," there is a gush of old dark brown blood. Then once every few days after that. What is this? It is now only apparent when I wipe...sometimes. Some days there is nothing at all. I've had some pretty sharp pains below my belly button. Seriously dragging for days now. Emotional.

I've been pretty sick for about a week. I still function but headaches have caused some serious puking. Also lots of tummy troubles.. I mean LOTS. Who knew a body could have that much, um... poop?
I got ALL freaked out like, what if... what if???

BFN yesterday.

Seriously? I lose weight, stress less, eat better, and my period wants to act like this??

Dear uterus and ovaries, I'm disappointed in you!
Yours truly.

Anyone experience this before? Tips? Advice? Suggestions? Thoughts?

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