Monday, May 27, 2013

Another year older.

My birthday was May 14. DH's was May 18. We had an amazing time in Palm Springs. His parents came along, and I helped coordinate his birth mother and her husband surprising him there! I never wanted to leave! We all agreed me must plan another trip soon.

Today I'm on Cycle Day 9 (yes, that means AF showed up on our vacation!)
This is another Clomid cycle. Took it cd 3-7 this time. DH is taking the Maca Root, and we plan to BD every other day starting today until cd 21. Let's hope our schedules permit!

Turning 29 was bitter-sweet. I sobbed on my birthday realizing this is the last year in my 20's and those years are never coming back. I realized a lot of goals were never met. I realized my body is no where near where I want it to be and most of my 20's were spent being FAT. This kicked me so hard--that I decided to cut out all breads and starches, all sweets, and get back to the gym after years of not going. My first night at the gym I cycled 11 miles uphill in 31 minutes. For me that's insane! I've been stuck at a weight plateau for well over 6 months now...gaining a couple, losing a couple...and I'm tired of it!

I hope this last year in my 20's brings tons of changes, and joy. I'm gonna ROCK my 30's!!!

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  1. Happy belated b-day! And don't worry about your age.... My 30's were fantastic and I expect my 40's to be even better. Cheers!


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