Sunday, May 12, 2013

Birth/Step Mother's Day

Yesterday I had the opportunity to spend the entire day with my husband and sweet stepson. We called it step mother's day and birth mother's day.

We started the morning super early with breakfast in our jammies at IHOP! Then we came home and packed up the car and spent the rest of the day at Mother's Beach which also has a playground. I had soooo much fun! After we left we drove around while the little man took a nap and wound up at a really neat store I've been wanting to go to. The boys picked out a new purse/backpack for me. I love it :) We then came home and had to send the lil man home so he could be with his momma for Mother's Day.
Then I curled my hair and DH took me out to an AMAZING Greek restaurant (he sure knows me well!) and then we spent the rest of the night walking around DOWNTOWN DISNEY!!!

I'm grateful I was able to celebrate yesterday with the boys, I'm trying my darnedest to keep my chin up today. My heavenly father comforts me in ways that get me through.

I'm praying for each of us still trying for miracles, those with mothers in heaven, those with angel babies up above. May you all find peace, joy, and love today.

Here's a recap of yesterday!

Mother's Beach
appetizers at dinner
my gifts!

On a separate note:

I'm on cycle day 26-- nothing terribly unique about this cycle. Moods are kind of up and down more often. Slightly more gassy. I've learned over the years to not get so I will probably wait to test till after my vacation next weekend! (My birthday is in two days and hubby's is in six days so we are running away to Palm Springs for the weekend with his parents! SOOOO excited!)

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