Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Dropped some Poundage and the rest is all over the place

Here are three pictures showing some weight loss. Last time on my blog I believe I was still maybe 235ish? Now I am 202lbs some days 205 as shown in these pictures. I CANNOT wait to break the 200's! I need to get back into the serious workout grind. I've just been eating a lot better than before and watching my portions. I'm way more active with my job and on weekends. So I think that helped with the last 30 lbs.

This month for supplements I've used:
-Vitamin D
-Folic Acid
-Maca Root

Today I am on Cycle Day 27 of a normal 31-34 day cycle. BFN this AM. I actually called in sick for the first time in a very, very long time! I was over-exhausted and for the past several days I've had terrible stomach/bathroom problems and did not want to have that at work. I'm pretty positive THIS CYLCLE is not THE CYCLE... but I'm hopeful this is MY YEAR. I am praying for hope and faith.

In less than 4 months I will be 30. I have a lot I want to accomplish before I hit 30.

-Be under 190
-Start a hobby I've always wanted to do in my 20s
-Dress sexier on my dates with my DH

and so many more.

For inspiration I follow some amazing PCOS fitness ladies on Instagram who lift me up and inspire me to want to change. I know it is possible. Thank you to all who are still out there thinking of me, praying and rooting for me and encouraging me. It means the world!



  1. Looking fab lady! Love your Ariel shirt too.... :)

  2. 202 pounds?! You look smaller than that! Great job, girly! Keep up the good work! :)


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