Thursday, January 16, 2014

I've Come out of hiding!

And I'm back!

From my TTC break :) We didn't get pregnant. OBVIOUSLY.

We have had tons of ups and downs. It has been a very emotional several months. I've been busy out of my mind. I've traveled. Worked and worked and worked overtime. I've dealt with an awful and toxic ex, and visitation battles, I've dealt with finding a long lost sibling and having him back in my life. I've managed to take on a lot more work at my job and DH is working more hours. I've managed to somehow make it through all of the holidays. We've had some amazing memories these past few months, and have also surpassed some of the hardest struggles yet.

DH and I survived.
The Love Dare and prayer has saved us.

Now we are here, and ready to start trying for a family again. We are focused and stronger than ever. We have a plan set, goals, and finances set. Most importantly- we are emotionally ready for the struggle ahead. We know the road will be bumpy. We are ready to carry each other and hold each other up through the struggles. Here's to another year TTC.

***Baby Dust***


  1. yay!!!!! welcome back....sending lots and LOTS of baby dust!!!


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