Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I just remembered that I have a blog! DOH!

Things around here have been super busy, super crazy and super fun. DH started a new and amazing job, I'm working my tush off with 1in10, and we are working on our backyard.

OH, my, the backyard. I can't describe to you enough how much of a nightmare it is! Previous tenant worked on cars back there had a huge doughboy pool and let chlorine leak all over. It became nothing but weeds and they were un-stoppable! When we took our trip to Arizona last month, we had our house tented and I thought that was a perfect opportunity to try to kill these horrendous weeds. I spent hours and hours while the hubs was at work spraying weed killer in our backyard. Well, it worked! I killed it all! Mind you, when we remodeled, DH took a sledge hammer to the old kitchen and threw it all in a pile in the back... well that is FINALLY gone!!! Sounds horrible, doesn't it? I've been so embarrassed when guests come over, I don't want anyone to see our backyard because we've worked so hard on the front (it was dirt and weeds as well) and the inside of the house for a year and a half now, and its gorgeous! I am so excited to dream up what I want our back yard to look like with all of our fruit trees! It is definitely a slow process but happy it is happening, finally.

Personally, I've been alright. Going through anxiety attacks, which I haven't had in YEARS....learning how to deal with them without medication is tougher than I thought, but I have a very patient husband and some wonderful friends who help me! AF is "due" in 2 days, but we all know she's been off course for months now. Who knows when she will decide to rear her ugly head. I just hope soon, so I can feel and think that my body is doing better! I've had a lack of energy phase going on lately--but I think that it is all of the being busy and going and going and going lately. I have NO bb pain, which isn't normal. I'm bloated with tons of cramps that just showed up late last let's hope, and wish she shows up on time!

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