Friday, July 13, 2012

Catching Up

There isn't really a whole lot to catch you all up on. I'm am adjusting to DH's new work schedule which changes weekly. I'm learning to lay down and sleep next to him any hour of the day just to get some QT with him. I'm learning to wake up at 2 or 3am and cook breakfast for us. I'm learning how to run a household myself and take on ALL the responsibilities, not half...which is kind of difficult for me, due to my major back problems. I've been having a ton more spasms but I do know that I can do it! I'll take on all the dirty work!!!

DH is determined for me to be a stay at home housewife, and I'm not too sure that is what I want to do. Yeah, I'd probably want to be a stay at home MOM some day, but just housewife? I'm not so sure of that. He wants to turn my office into a office/craft room. That would be fun and all, but I feel the need to be outside doing something, and serving a purpose. We'd love the extra income, but its not needed such as before. I don't know that I could get used to so much quietness so often. I told DH I'm still going to be putting in some applications and considering school in the next few months. I just really want to take things slow and adjust and find a good balance in our home. We used to go on 4 or 5 dates a week, now I have no idea when our next date will be! We were lucky last night DH was available for a little bit and his parents took us out to a British pub to celebrate his new job! It was super fun and relaxing...but I can't wait to go on a date with just him and I.

We started a future baby fund and that was SUPER exciting. We don't know if one day we will need that for fertility treatments or to purchase baby things, but knowing we are securing funds for either is a wonderful feeling!!! We also decided to start saving for a new car! I'm already browsing to see what would be good for us for now, and a future family.

I left a few ttc groups online...I thought my focus had become out of whack and some groups were in a baby boom, I swear! It wasn't healthy to watch pregnancy announcements daily and then see women who went from the pain of ttc to complaining about this and that and then giving birth and still complaining. I sure hope I NEVER do any of that.

I also made a big personal decision and still wondering if it was the right one, but I'm on my knees often praying about it, and just keeping my faith and staying positive. I really feel this next year is going to be the best of my adult life and the best of our marriage, I see things changing and becoming adventuresome!

I've really got to get back to some projects I'm doing. Glad to catch up with all of you!

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