Monday, July 30, 2012

AF Came and went.

It's funny the night after I last posted, AF showed up.. only a day late. That is a good thing, right? I think so.

I am seriously wondering when my life is going to slow down. I've gotten so much good news recently that I just can't believe I'm living in MY REALITY. Surely, this is someone else's life, right? In my 28 years, never has there been so many blessings poured over me. I'm hesitant, because don't you think I could jinx it?! I'm just overwhelmed with happiness, and joy. I'm grateful for the big changes about to happen in my life, though scary they are only going to be WONDERFUL changes.

I'm sorry I don't much update anymore. Not only am I really busy most days, but I just feel like because I'm ttc naturally--there really isn't anything new. I know soon, once we get new insurance plans--I will be heading straight back to my RE and trying new things--possibly adding Clomid again. For now, we are trying all of the natural ways. I think I may invest in PRESEED this cycle... hey, why not?! We are not trying so hard that we get disappointed with bfn's, I think because we are focused hard on all of the other things going on.

Hope to hear from some of you out there, I miss your comments and support!


  1. Preseed is amazing! Worth the investment!
    Lots of love ♥

  2. Preseed is pretty wonderful. I liked conceive plus a little better though. :-) I got to thinking, how is your fertility monkey :-D I keep mine in our bedroom still and smile whenever I stop to think about how it went off when we were dtd and created this little baby! I may have to text you today because I have been wondering what good things have been going on and was hoping you would elaborate on here soon ;-)

    Here is to praying with your weight loss no clomid or re will be needed. 17 lbs lost and here I am! <3 Love ya girly!


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