Sunday, August 26, 2012


Sweet Jesus! What was life like before the interwebs? I am in amazement and awe lately at the way people are acting on social networks and the things that are being done and said. Sometimes I wonder---do these people have windows in their homes? Do they know real life exists outside of the cyber world? People you never met bashing and bothering and construing things. I feel bad for the people that take it seriously. Some places I've seen all over the internet--places I've joined...people I've NEVER really met in real life just going off. Holy Moly, this is just unreal.

I am super glad I am able to realize life goes on! I feel bad for the people online that actually let typed out words bother them and actually feel sad and hurt over things. Its quite strange to me actually. The most bickering often has been seen in TTC groups, forums and websites. Really? I think places like that were created for encouragement, support, questions, and so on...but oh lord. *rolls eyes*

Internet breaks are great. Life was so simple before the world wide web had become so intertwined in daily lives. Laptops, cell phones, even gaming devices now are online! I miss the peace and quiet of the early 90's. Not that my personal life was peaceful but the stress and chaos of the cyber world wasn't even a glimmer in my eye.

I wonder if these people are just sad and lonely? If real life just sucks so bad that they can not face it and would rather create a made up world online? I know I have been a pretty big social networker for years, but the more I lay off, the better life goes!

I am super happy with where I'm at today. The peace and calm in my life??? Much needed, and blessed to have so much greatness. So much joy and laughter has been brought into my life that I just can't look back! I pray daily for those struggling so bad that their only escape is harshness, meanness, and to be involved in what I've been calling lately : cyber soap operas.

My challenge to people out there: Take a day or two to just not LOG IN to anything. Nothing, go outside, breathe the air. Touch the grass, smell the world. Go to a store, smile at people, real people. Remember your real purpose. Touch someone, help someone real. It feels good.

As for me ttc? Af is 3 days late.. grrrrr :/

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  1. People do get a little extreme at times online, but that's their deal! As for being late...Have you tested? I would always get excited when AF would be late.


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