Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Life as I know it...

Has changed!

Literally two hours after that last blog post, I got an email!


I had spent hours, days, weeks stressing-wondering then I got offered an interview--- then a 3 hour long interview--with 4 interviewers, tons of paperwork and a bunch of questions!


I was then told a few days later that I was chosen for the position! I then had to run around and get my fingerprint background check completed, TB test completed, DMV record turned in, Health Screening completed, School records turned was so stressful the first day I heard I needed to do all of this just to GET the job. I curled under the blankets and cried. My mother in law called me and talked me out from under the blankets and reminded me how wonderful and strong I was. I said a long prayer and off I was. It literally all fell into place after that. Everything came so easy and  worked out so perfectly, I just know this is meant to be. God guided me and carried me, and heard my frustrations. He knows the old me--when road blocks hit, I would shut down. He opened the road nice a wide and I cruised through the week and I was blessed beyond measure!

Today was my first day. I thought I'd never be in this field of work again and that I would surely do something else for a career----SOMEDAY. I had NO intentions of going back, but God prompted me to email my old boss one day and BAM! Here I am!

I work as a full time and on-call 24/7 Substance Abuse Counselor for the deaf and hard of hearing at a rehab a couple of cities away. I had a long and wonderful first day and am very excited for the future. We now have an EXTRA income (we were quite comfortable with only one) and I feel purposeful again! Also the job comes with wonderful benefits that will be VERY useful when we decide to TTC again! I'm excited to set up my office and make it my own. I'm excited to be out making a difference in the world. I'm excited to save up for a new car and for our trip to Hawaii next year! I'm just plain 'ol EXCITED!

 Literally 2 months exactly after I had my "aha moment" (as Oprah as added to the dictionary!) and I got rid of toxic people and bad thinking---my life is completely different! God has a plan, and when I fully turned my life and situations over to him: my life became more wonderful than it has EVER been.

Yes, 2013 will be MY YEAR!

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