Friday, May 11, 2012


I have still had plenty of ups and downs. Life is still pretty stressful and I have many sad moments. Still asking for prayers for strength.

I disabled my Facebook account for now, it just felt right. I can activate it at any time...I just asked a close friend of mine to go in and change my password and not tell me what it is until I'm ready. It may seem silly but I just need a break from reality. No big incident made me want to disable it or anything.. it just popped into my head and felt like something I wanted to do. So many emotions and too many personal things from EVERYONE all over the place. Some ridiculous babble, to some serious anger being posted. Cursing and joking. Grotesque pictures to pregnancy announcements. Fighting and arguing between friends. Sharing about personal things. I was just sick of seeing it all and wanted to feel what life felt like before Facebook. I wanted to be set free from the thought of waking up and diving into every one else's life before facing mine. I want quiet time to myself, I want to work on my life and look at myself and not want to escape so easily into seeing what every one else is up to.

So far, I've gotten no phone calls or texts of "where did you go?!" "I can't see your Facebook anymore!!" I'm not "missed" yet! Ha! I may activate it temporarily on my birthday (Monday the 14th--in 3 days) just because I'd like to feel happy hearing a bunch of "Happy Birthdays" ... then again, how nice would it be to actually get phone calls, texts, and letters instead of the easy Facebook wall post that everyone resorts to now? Nothing is intimate and personal anymore.

So for now I'm taking a Facebook break and just living life the way it used to be long before it was the norm to post every step of your life online. I kind of enjoy the break so far. I probably won't be blogging A LOT, but I will definitely check in and update.

For those of you needing/wanting to talk to me--if you know my phone number--use it! cartoon mobile phone
Or email me. If you'd like my email address, comment below and I'll happily give it to you.


  1. I took a break from the blasted fb awhile ago. I have mixed feelings about much drama...I am just too addicted to it! Smart girl to have your friend change your password!!! And I would love to send you an e-card on your birthday..what's your email? =0) hugs!

  2. :) Thank you Kelli!


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