Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Happiest Place on Earth

We decided yesterday to continue our vacationing here, close to home.

We went to Disneyland and California Adventure!!! I had such an amazing and fun-filled day. It felt as if it was just DH and I at Disneyland all by ourselves. No one else, nothing else mattered. We hopped between parks and got on as many rides as possible and planted kisses on each other all day long. It was truly magical!

We ended the night watching the "World of Color" water show at California Adventure. It was spectacular, magical and peaceful to watch! This four year old boy became our little best friend during the show... blonde hair--blue eyes. Reminded me of my son so very much. DH played the "finding a quarter behind his ear" game with him and oh, boy was that kid excited!!!! His father and grandfather just laughed and laughed! Watching DH felt so wonderful. He is and will be a perfect father.

After the water show we were heading back to the tram to get to our car and go home. I stopped off at the bathroom and BAM AF finally showed up! Perfect timing, huh?? She was 9 days late this cycle! I'm getting pretty upset that my cycle is so screwed up lately, but at the same time so excited to start again and move on. I believe all of the recent serious stress has something to do with my pretty messed up cycles. It is quite funny how now I can get excited over AF showing up. My, how things change! For example, I found myself looking at all the double and triple strollers at Disneyland and wondering how many IUI, IVF or Clomid cycles these women had to endure to get their multiples. I laughed and told DH my thoughts and he chuckled because he was thinking the same thing! I do know that multiples can come naturally, it is just when you go through IF like we have, funny ways of thinking start to happen.

I'd like to share some pictures from yesterday (cell phone quality, sorry!) :

Love Disneyland!

 Haunted Mansion


 World Of Color

Looking forward to a new cycle, peace and love. Looking forward to catching up on all of my blogger sister's posts. Looking forward to summer approaching!

Thought of the day: How is this summer going to be DIFFERENT for you? Better?


  1. One of these days I'm going to go to Disney Land/World never been to either. You look like you had so much fun.

  2. I'm so happy that you two had a great magical day with one another! It's always a great and amazing idea to just have "US" time! I'm sooooooo happy my beautiful sissa has an amazing DH! I love you both very much!! My wife and I need to come to you guys soon!!! xoxoxoxo
    Love You,


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