Friday, September 16, 2011

September 16, 2011 Fun? Yes, please.

We've been having a ton of fun lately. From swimming, to bbq'ing to going to Disneyland to down to the beach for pizza and drinks. I'm so happy we have been able to just relax and have this break. We are also spending time organizing and moving furniture around the house.

I have an interesting personality. I enjoy to move my furniture around every six months or so, just for a fresh new look. We are filling up picture frames and adding new decorations. We have put up a lot more pictures of our three children. It is hard, but we feel like it makes this a home. To see the pictures all the time kind of makes us sad, but understand more that we are a loving family and always will be. If we are able to create a child of our own, he or she will have older siblings out there that I know will love them.

I kind of have mild cramping on and off. Kind of that twisting in the ovary area and a slight bit of bloating. I am sensitive..meaning I cry to most television shows, and books right now! As I look back this was pretty normal and not out of the ordinary in my cycle.
We are bd'ing a heck of a lot more. TMI but four times in one day was a new thing to us!!! It was a fun day! DH even took me by the arms on our living room floor and started slow dancing with me. It feels great. I know I'm less of a hormonal "B" lately and I know that is part of why we feel so relaxed! All in all, this month has been much better. So far.

Let's keep our fingers crossed and prayers said for all couples suffering through the tough IF journey.

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