Monday, September 19, 2011

September 19, 2011 Bloated much?

Oh my goodness! I am so bloated it is crazy. I don't know what this is but its not comfy at all. I feel it most at night accompanied by nightly heartburn for the past two nights. Kind of like a pocket full of air and heaviness below my belly button. And a hard abdomen kind of on the sides? If that makes any sense at all? Yuck. I have more acne than a high school freshman classroom. UGH. Talk about not feeling pretty at all.... I'm not thinking anything of it, because more than likely, this will not be a successful cycle.

I had my RE appointment scheduled for today, then had such a bad morning due to crazy insomnia last night that I had to reschedule. I'm so curious to find out if they will figure out what this mystery fluid is...not even google has an idea!

Anywho...on the home front: Our puppies are now being trained on a leash. Its been interesting but tons of fun to take nightly walks with DH...we usually spend about an hour in our neighborhood walking the dogs and looking at all the houses and dreaming of MORE renovations. We just had concrete poured in our back yard for our new tool shed, by our side gate, filled in the planter on the front porch, and extended the back porch. I can't wait for the finished product. Its been pretty nice watching this house turn into what it has over the past 11 months. 11 months? Wow... next month is our Wedding Anniversary!!! I'm so excited!

Going to go catch up on all of your blogs now!


  1. I have been really bloated also, I guess we will find out tomorrow if it is a good thing or not. good luck to you.

  2. Thank you so much. I honestly feel like I'm about to start my period so watch out this maybe TMI.
    Sore boobs
    Cramping (started on my right side now it is all in the southern region, sometimes bad enough to wake me up at night)
    Bloating/Fullness feeling
    Wet feeling (like I checked my panties all the time b/c I thought I was bleeding)
    Oh I get a sick feeling every time I smell popcorn

    If you want to email me, my email address is my screen name just add to the end.


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