Monday, September 26, 2011

September 26, 2011

I figured its about time to update... been a week!

Well, more BFP's from family members and blogger sisters...I'm excited about my fellow IF blogger's BFP's because I know how they've felt throughout their journeys. But the family members was hard. DH and I went to the horse races with his 83 year old grandpa and about 13 other family members showed up! It was a ton of fun, and we were happy to finally get grandpa out of the house again. He's in poor health and isn't as active as he used to be. I found out there that two of DH's cousins are six weeks apart, one due in Jan and one due in Feb. Which makes them about 6 mos along and 5 mos along... they both waited until recently to tell family. I was shocked, and it was hard to see the cousin that was there...everyone rubbing her belly, her announcing its a girl...and announced the name. I was sad, because it was one of DH and I's future names we had picked out. That is going to be hard to hear all the time, but I'm sure we will get over it. I'm happy for the family, but still sad for DH and I. I think I did pretty good, didn't act awkward or anything...socialized, said my congratulations and just tried to have a good time.

As far as symptoms... hardly anything at all, which makes me wonder if af is going to show up on her own or not...I'm wondering if this cycle was annovulatory due to no Clomid. I have a full bloated feeling every now and then usually at night. NO sore bbs at all... a tiny tugging feeling in my arm pits but that is it. Not swollen or sore or anything. I woke up with nausea this morning, which was weird but it went away really quick. I am pretty sure, well almost POSITIVE that I'm out this month so I'm not even going to try to compare it to symptoms of pregnancy. I got a BFN with the only test I had five days ago when a fellow blogger announced her BFP and her and I cycled pretty much at the same time. I have no more tests and I don't plan to buy one unless af is late... which she is due tomorrow or the next day... we will see.

I have RE appointment on the 3rd of Oct. to discuss this fluid. With the help of DH and a fellow blogger I've come to a conclusion that I will not be spending any more money on fertility medicines until I find out about this fluid and do what is needed for that. If that is one of the main factors in my IF, there is no point to spend money on medicine when I haven't treated the fluid yet. I hope we figure this out, and can treat it. Keep me in your prayers that day!


  1. Only one more week until your appointment, I can not wait until they figure out what it is. Saying lots of prayers for you. ((Hugs))

  2. Thinking of you today. Hoping af chooses not to show. ♥ and I hope the doctors can figure out your water retention problem.

  3. I am super pumped that our appointments are on Monday, I am sure we will both have good news.


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