Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sorry for Slacking...

I'm so sorry I haven't updated in a week!
So much has been going on here, and I knew it would be crazy busy.
We have a brand new electronic garage door that was installed on Tuesday! It is perfect in every way... the teeny windows are so cute! It is so funny how our excitement and joys change as we grow up! Who would have thought I could have pure joy out of a new garage door??? Pretty funny in my book!
Well, after that, I had to spend two days by myself packing up the kitchen so DH and FIL could have at it with a sledge hammer yesterday. I have absolutely no idea how we got so much stuff in one year! I literally filled up my guest room with boxes from kitchen items. Yesterday was very stressful with tearing out cabinets and one wall we are pushing back to gain more counter space. I could hear the frustrations with DH and FIL, but in the end it is much better and now we're ready for the next step. The next step is to have the plumber, electrician and framer come in and that starts Monday morning. I am not looking forward to all of the craziness and noise, but it is what it is for now. Our cabinets were also delivered yesterday! Took up half our garage! We were wondering how the heck all of that stuff is going to go in our tiny kitchen...
After a very long and stressful day yesterday, DH told me to shower and get dressed, he was taking me out on a date!!! We haven't had so much fun in a very long time! He took me to Fudruckers (my first time!) and we stuffed ourselves and got Chocolate Wasted!!! We played arcade games and then he took me to the movies to see the latest Twilight movie 'Breaking Dawn.' Bless his heart that couldn't have been too exciting for him!!! I haven't felt that young, alive, silly, and in love in years! We were cracking up and being silly--even making the entire theater laugh before the movie!

So, as you can see: I have been extremely busy and probably will be for weeks to come.

In the infertility realm of my life, bd'ing has been much more than usual, even with all of the craze going on in our lives...I sure don't object to that! I ordered some Wondfo pregnancy tests (here's a link) on amazon with some other things... and I feel so much better knowing I have 25 to "waste" this cycle! I won't feel too bad because five dollars was worth my obsessions. I decided to start testing right away every day (it's way too early, but for some reason POAS relieves some stress every day??) I'm sure you POAS addicts will understand what I mean. I'm not really symptom spotting---as we are still on a "natural" unmedicated cycle. I have noticed some pain in my bbs. Crying a lot and some occasional nausea--but that seems to be very normal for me each month so I don't think anything of it anymore. I think I felt ovulation this month--as it was on the day the chart online said it should be, and it was extreme ovary pains. So I'm hoping we were successful with Ovulation this month--no guarantee though. I'm just wondering when to expect af??? Well, I've got to get back to my crazy reality and clean up some dust left over from yesterday's demo!!

P.S. Congrats to you IF bloggers who recently got your BFP's!!!!

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  1. Hubby and FIL redid our kitchen a few years ago (it's very, very tiny) but I can feel your pain. Hope the remodel isn't too long. I have heard of lots of folks with a really long one. Crossing fingers for you my dear!!


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