Thursday, April 5, 2012

Always Late!

AF is 4 days late... here we go again! I just wish she'd show up and be done for!! I will be in Vegas in 12 days and trust me, I do not want to be bitchy and bleeding!! I'm sooo ready for a small vacation and then another in mid-May! MUCH needed!

I'm happy to report that I've lost a total of two more pounds, and can't wait to lose more! I am happy that I am back on track and need to focus on getting healthy.

I've been cleaning for hours and hours today and it just seems like it never ends. People come to my house and tell me how clean and nice my home is---but with OCD, I see specks of dust on baseboards, I see the tiny spots on the granite, I see the moisture collecting on the fridge shelves. Oh, how I wish I had a housekeeper! We are considering hiring one for just once a month and I can pick up the slack in between. Our grass grows so quick we have to mow once a week, and that is just nuts! I can't wait until everything in our house and our lawns are completely remodeled and just the way we want. I have a feeling though, that the remodeling will continue for a few more years. I always come up with new ideas!!!!

Ok, AF---you better get here SOON!

Back to cleaning I go!

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  1. Maybe AF will be gone for 9 months, hey a girl can hope!! :-)


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