Saturday, April 14, 2012


There are a lot of things going on in my life right now, I just wanted to stop by and update on a few things.
AF finally showed up yesterday 11 days late.
I'm at a total of 28.8 lbs lost, but don't see it anywhere. I am very impatient I guess and Just wish I looked smaller in my eyes.

I am going through an extra hard time right now--and hoping to stay away from falling into a deep depression, so if you could send prayers/positive thoughts/good vibes my way, I sure do need it right now.

I really enjoyed getting to know you all on my last post. I challenge those who haven't posted on my last post--to tell me a bit about your story.

Thanks everyone.


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  1. Hi Amy! I have been really bad about being on here and just backtracked through your last 3 posts. I am so sorry things are so hard for you right now. 28.8 pounds is an AMAZING start....and you should be proud of that!! I have a quote and necklace that has really helped me (A TON!!). I wear it each day and it says "I can do hard things". You can do it Amy. Sending you a big hug! Wish I could give you one in person. oxox


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