Friday, April 27, 2012


I have to apologize! I have been MIA from the blogsphere for almost two weeks!

I was going through a very hard time and kind of took a break from blogging. I needed to focus on the matter at hand and work through a lot of emotions and I found myself on my knees and back at church. I would never wish what happened on anyone, but I am grateful to where it brought me. To my knees. I was able to filter through some things in my life and get rid of unnecessary stresses and problematic people in my life. I have been able to gain a new perspective on life and realize all of my blessings that are present and realize that I need my God in my life---it was a humbling experience to know that I could not do this "alone." Things are starting to look up again, I don't cry a thousand times a day and life is becoming more bright again. I want to thank those who knew what was going on for all of your support and prayers and faith in me and that my situation would get better. You are all amazing friends--near and far. 

I put on a couple of pounds during this time, but am confident I can get them right off. I am due for AF around my birthday in a couple of weeks. JOY! She's been rearing her ugly head pretty late recently so we will see what happens this cycle!

Congrats to those IF bloggers who recently got your BFP's or adoption approvals or gave birth to your miracles! You are truly inspirational and amazing women.

I'll try harder to keep up to blogging!

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