Monday, April 2, 2012

I don't dread Mondays anymore! for now...

I have to report that I fell off the weight loss wagon for about a week. Didn't do my daily workouts, didn't count calories and ate some junk. I gained .6 lbs and didn't lose my 2lbs a week goal. I'm BACK! I don't know what that funk was but I'm out of it now!!!

I am going to Vegas in 2 weeks on a timeshare and then to Arizona in 6 weeks for my DH's birth-brother's HS graduation! I am so excited to get away, but I want to feel good and be healthy on these trips! I've been so busy at the office, and with meetings and scheduling events for the next several months. I'm also still working on research and trying to get the amazing nonprofit up and going with the gals. I LOVE being busy, I HATE being busy with insomnia, but I am making it work.

Like my title says, I don't dread Mondays anymore, it is actually exciting to be busy again!!! This wedding season is going to be so busy...I've got to make time to get into my RE and get a few more tests done. I would love to see if they can detect IR so that I can start Metformin, I believe that might help with the losing weight and regulating my periods. We shall see!!!

Happy Monday fellow bloggers :)

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