Thursday, March 29, 2012

Busy Bee

I've been quite busy this week! Meetings, training, helping organize. Cleaning my house after being sick for over a week. Trying to keep up with every thing and every one!

AF is due in a few days... I have some cramps and have had a lot of trouble sleeping lately. I've been getting the faintest of faint second lines but they are starting to disappear again...This happens to me A LOT. I read something about Chemical Pregnancies and I feel that is what happens with cycles like this. This is just the first time I've had so many of these barely there faint lines. This morning it was so light a non-obsessed person couldn't even see it. I had hope for a couple of days but I decided to let go of that this morning. It is painful but I am alright. I am so very used to it, that it is not a new emotion to me and I'm able to handle it better.

I miss hearing updates from a lot of you guys! Take care out there blogsphere :)

Back to work I go...


  1. I'm sorry, Amy. I'm even more sorry that you've become "used to it". ***BIIIIIIIIIG HUGS***

  2. I know the feeling hun. I hate that I have had so many early losses. You could call them chemical pregnancies...but they are still babies. A loss is a loss to me. I have my bad day or two and then pick up myself and move on. It does suck. I hope one day the two of us get good news around the same time and get to experience pregnancy together. :-)


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