Friday, March 9, 2012

Good things are happening!

First off, of course my laptop came back practically brand new and early! That was exciting. So glad it crashed and burned within my warranty (ends this month!) and that I only had to pay for shipping. God knew it was going to happen, and let it happen at the right time. A blessing in disguise!

Second- DH and I are back to working events with our wedding planner. It is such a blessing and totally fun! To work weddings, parties, and events is pretty exciting and always a challenge and learning experience. I have a feeling this year is going to be much better than last!!! This is OUR year!

Third- My old boss is in from Costa Rica. I worked for her about four years ago, in her office. She is a wonderful Chiropractor. Very holistic based, and has been in the profession for 16 years. Well, she remembered me a computer genius (I am far, far, far from that, but it was neat that she thought of me that way...) and got a hold of me via Facebook to ask if I could come take a look at her laptop while she was still in the states, and she'd adjust me for free. Then a day or so later--I guess she heard or found out about our infertility struggles, and called me to tell me a couple of stories about her past patients. Each of these stories were heart breaking, involving many years of infertility struggles, multiple failed IVF and IUI treatments. Then they came to her. After many adjustments, each of these women were able to successfully get pregnant! I learned all about adjustments and how nerves affect your uterus, your ovaries, all of your organs. I learned how chiropractics can help with many, many health issues. She offered to do a series of adjustments on me for free!! And--she'd adjust DH too, just so he could feel better!!! We had our first round of adjustments on Wednesday and go again tomorrow morning! I'm so excited to try something new on our IF journey, and I know that it is no guarantee, but it gives me hope. If anything--my back will feel much, much better and I'll be able to workout with more ease!

Speaking of working out, I've been at a plateau for weeks and weeks---stuck at a 19lb weight loss, and I think I finally overcame that!!! I'm now at a 23lb weight loss! I can't see it anywhere... I see DH's weight loss more than I do mine. He's lost 14lbs. But I had to go buy new "undergarments" because mine were just falling off my tush. So maybe I lost a little bit in that area? Hubs says around my rib cage too...I still have a long ways to go but am so very excited to continue. I have a goal to lose at least 20 more by May when we go on vacation! A size or two smaller :) And by the end of summer I'd like to have lost  a total of 30-40lbs more than this 23 so far. If that makes sense?!!

Okay, off to run errands for the day. I am excited to be able to blog again!


  1. sounds like everything is falling into place so far! :)

  2. Glad to hear things are falling into place for you!!! WTG on the weight loss! I'm still stuck at 10 lbs since I've been restricted with my rib (ugh). And I totally believe that chiropractors can work miracles! The pregnancy thing is a new one for me though, but I hope it really works out for you! I'll be following along!!!

  3. SO jealous of the event planning! That's one thing I've always thought I would like to do. Guess I should have done that in my younger and healthier years lol. And, I must say that I'm extremely happy that you got your laptop back! Blog away, girlfriend!


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