Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Not Dead, but sure feel like it...

I woke up Monday morning with an awfully sore throat, and pressure in my chest. Throughout the day I wound up throwing up, developing a fever, my whole body ached. I am still suffering from this and it is Wednesday afternoon. I've slept more the past three days than I probably do in an entire month. I feel miserable and I just want this to be over! I want energy and no pain, I have so much to do and here I am sicker than sick. I'm sure DH is tired of spending so much time alone and having to serve me soups and nutrition shakes and adjust my pillows every few hours...

Say an extra prayer if you pray... that I get over this asap.

I want my life back!


  1. Feel better soon, sweetie! Whatever the illnesses are that have been going around are hitting people really hard! **BIG HUGS**


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