Wednesday, July 13, 2011

July 13, 2011 cd 16 U/S

Went to my follicle ultrasound for this month today. Yet again, my doc says he thinks I already no measuring of follicles. He is still baffled by this "fluid" in my cervix. He says my uterus looks displaced. Ordered a full pelvic ultrasound to further check my uterus. He seemed a bit concerned about this mystery fluid. Great.. another thing I am going to be worrying about. Well, there is really nothing I can do about it until the 12th of next month--since that was the soonest they could get me in. Which makes no sense to me because isn't this the same time of month that I will need my follicle u/s??!! Go for my progesterone check on the 19th. I sure am sick of being poked at, prodded at, things shoved up inside me, pushing on me. It is exhausting, but I must remember the reason for it all.
DH still needs to get a sperm analysis...I know he isn't really looking forward to that, but I know he is willing to do what ever it takes.

Last night I had another mystery tummy ache... achy bones, passed out on my bed for hours, and was extremely nauseous. Kind of a flu-like feeling where all I could eat was saltines and 7up. I feel tired today but no tummy ache so far.

We are planning a quick weekend trip into Arizona this weekend to go see my DH's birth mother's husband for his birthday. Kind of a surprise trip for them... I'm excited about that except for the fact that I can't really walk on my own right now. I'm a little better on crutches, but it still seems like I'm a burden... takes so long to get me into the car, out of the car (that isn't going to be fun when I have to stop to use the bathroom on the 6 hour drive....)

Not too many symptoms, a couple twinges and lots of exhaustion....nausea here and there but that all seems to be normal and not even close to pg. symptoms. BD'd every other day on fertile days this month---so we shall see. I'm pretty sure it isn't going to be this easy---I'm pretty sure this isn't our month so it is not my main focus...just trying to stay positive, sane and NOT BITCHY to my poor DH. I feel like I've been dragging for weeks. Tired at all hours of the day on most days, every now and then I'll have some energy. WAKE UP GIRL!

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  1. Where do you get your pics/clip art from they are so funny?
    I hope that they figure out what the fluid is when you have the u/s done.


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