Friday, July 8, 2011

July 8, 2011

So, as you can tell I took somewhat of a break from blogging and reading forums. I think it was a much needed break to gain back some of my sanity!

Our 4th of July was a ton of fun with friends and kids over and a big BBQ! Our entire block has a party and I swear our street's fireworks show was a mini version of Disneyland's show! It was so much fun and I think I didn't think about IF once that day. I had some sort of strange allergic reaction to something-maybe it was because I haven't been out in the sun in over a month or the Clomid?? That is what you see in the picture...
It was our first holiday celebration in our own home as a married couple and I am sooo looking forward to having more. I was actually ok with kids being here, and just had fun being around them...quite a change from before!

I finally got my cast off yesterday! Ordered a "walking boot" and will do some physical therapy to be able to fully walk on it again for the next six weeks. I am so happy to shave that leg and have that heavy hot thing off! The swelling and bruising is still pretty bad, but doc says that is the last thing to heal.

Obviously because AF showed up, I went on to another round of Clomid. My doc felt that keeping me at 50mg was good, but changed the days I take it from cd 5-9 to cd 3-7, so that is what I did this month. I honestly felt that I had far fewer symptoms than I did on cd 5-9. Thought that was pretty interesting.....

I've had the chance of talking to a couple of friends whom I had no idea were going through infertility struggles, but came to me after reading my blog...and I'm truly blessed to be able to have more support and lend my listening ear to them. I also have a friend of a friend in another state who is just beginning the IF journey and discussing ttc with her has helped me a lot! I received some "baby dust" in the mail and that is going under my pillow! (considering spreading it all over the bed, even though it will become very messy!!!!!)

I'm not symptom spotting, or paying much attention to anything this month. I still take my temps in the morning, though there have been a few mornings that I forget...I haven't shoved my finger "up there" to check on my cm at all....I look on the app on my phone so I know my fertile days but I don't approach bd'ing the same with DH... I kind of just make it fun and don't remind him that its about ttc... I think I've been a ton more relaxed this cycle so far. I don't feel like I'm competing with those who are pregnant right now, isn't it sick that I was in the first place?!!! Some how I've managed to be pretty happy this month! (A few minor break downs of course...)

I think I'm caught up now!


  1. Glad to hear that u had a wonderful fourth of july!!! I also am trying not to think to much about conceiving...just know when my fertile days are and going from there..taking it one day at a time:) We should just be happy that we have wonderful husbands who take care of us:)

  2. I totally agree Shell! It has been so much easier and more fun... *baby dust!!*

  3. My best friend and I decided when we turned 25 we were going to start TTC (sounds pretty naive), guess what she was pregnant within 6 months and has had another baby since then, and I'm still TTC so I hear you when it comes to competing.
    So glad you had a great 4th and I hope that rash cleared up.


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