Sunday, October 16, 2011

Medicated and AF

OK, so my last post I was pretty upset. Today is a brand new day!

Friday was a day with my doctor. When I say a day, I mean it felt like I was there all day!! (3 hours total) I'm so happy though to have a doctor who will sit with me and talk to me and figure out with me what the best thing for me is. We all agreed, after much discussion, that I need to get back on all of my medications for my muscle and nerve disorders. I need to not be stubborn and not be in pain all of the time. The pain could be causing so much stress that my body wouldn't even hold a pregnancy. So, it was decided. NO fertility drugs until my body relaxes a bit and gets used to the medication. My doctor says my body is not doing well right now, and I'm allowing myself to suffer when I shouldn't. I'm sad that my ttc is being put on hold for a bit longer than I had planned, but if you think about it, I would be so sick if I were to get pregnant right now. I am glad though, that I am able to plan this the right way. I know that our future child will be so loved and we will be so very thankful, grateful and humbled when the time does come. It is the best thing for me, and I hate it. I just wish to God that I could be normal, but that is just too easy, right? I am grateful to get help though.

I took my medication for the first time last night and I swear it is working already. I had no pain last night (although I was up until 6am, but that was due to several emergencies in the family.) I woke up happy and in very little pain, and I feel so much better than I normally do. Here's to hoping my body starts listening and starts feeling better!

Great news! AF showed up today! All by herself, I welcome this cycle with open arms! Strange ain't it? Who gets excited about af? It's so funny the things that we do when going through IF. I don't have cramps, and it is not heavy--yet. I'm just so happy that I didn't take the Provera and my body did something RIGHT all on its own. Let's get this af to go away quick though because my wedding anniversary is in 7 days---and we'll be up in the mountains then! I'm so grateful to have the husband that I do. I've never met another man so generous, loving, caring, patient and funny! I don't know how anyone on this planet has let him go... I'm one lucky wife. I love my best friend with every part of me, with each passing day, my love for him only grows and grows. I'd like to share pictures of us, if you guys don't mind!

Below are two pictures; one from our dating years, and then one from our wedding. I can't believe in 7 little days, it will be our 1 year anniversary! I look forward to the rest of my life with him, ttc for as long as we can, and just enjoying being the wife of such an extraordinary man!

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