Monday, October 3, 2011

RE visit, thoughts....

Just got home from my visit with Dr. K.

Well, first I sat there alone in a cold room waiting, and waiting and waiting... I must have been placed next to the ultrasound room because as I sat there staring at my phone, my heart sank. For some reason the ultrasound machine's volume was up so loud I thought it was right next to me (mind you, I'm hearing impaired so that must be really loud.) I could hear laughter and a baby's heart beat along with swishing sounds. I sat there listening to that beautiful sound wondering just when I will be in that room? When will I be staring at that beautiful screen? When will we have that gift? Kind of made me tear up.

Well, Dr. K walked in and asked how I was doing. I just chatted with him about the depression, how DH seems to be sad too, how we are going to take a break until we find out more from tests and such. Then I asked him about the u/s results, so here they are:

Yes, confirmed PCOS.
Yes, uterus is tilted backwards, but shouldn't be a problem.
Fluid still present, and no one knows what it could possibly be.
OK? so, what do we do? Is it causing problems? What happens next?

He gently responded that the fluid most likely is NOT causing problems in my IF. He said he is still waiting for DH to get a complete semen analysis and he doesn't want to run more tests such as HSG (where they insert dye to determine if there are any blockages in my tubes or problems in uterus) until he gets that done. OK, so I have to convince DH to just go do it. I'm sure I can...I'm going to wait until his cold passes and he's in a better mood and doesn't feel so icky.
Okay, HSG test would also show if that fluid is blocking anything, which RE doesn't seem to think it is. He DID mention that a large amount of IF patients happen to get pregnant right after the HSG test...that doctors don't know exactly why but the dye clears out things that are not seen and some how it helps...

Well, we did a whole bunch of blood work this visit. AF is STILL not here for me. 7 days late now. We're running a qualitative blood test to see if it shows up negative or positive for pregnancy. Running Progesterone to see if I even ovulated at all this last month. Running random glucose test to see if my blood sugars are messed up again which might be causing my nausea and dizziness. If I did not ovulate on my own, we are going to order Provera to help af come, because I don't want to skip a few months again and have it hit hard when it decides to show up. We're all pretty positive I'm not pregnant but I get the results tomorrow, so more waiting. Lovely waiting. I sure have grown to really dislike waiting--it is a huge part of the infertility process and I really don't like it!

I'll be updating again tomorrow with blood work results. Wondering if I O'd or not?????


  1. Are they going to put you on Metformin for you PCOS? I got pregnant a couple months after my HSG test that was my first pregnancy. I'm not going to lie to you the die hurts like....well you know. I hope they figure everything out for you so you can get that heartbeat.

  2. HSG test hurts like a bitch. Take some aspirins before test. It can reduce pain and cramps.

    My HSG test (for my sterilization verification) was intense like.. a thousand of needles stabbing in my uterus. :(

    Have your doctor mentioned about metformin?


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