Saturday, October 29, 2011

Kitchen Renovation Has Begun!

This is going to be about a five week process...

I remember when we moved in the day after our was constant chaos for about four straight months. Going without a toilet for a few nights, no shower for a few weeks. No furniture for a month. Not being able to go inside our house for four days to let the stain on the hardwood dry....and now the Kitchen! I am so happy it is getting done, it is the last big remodel in this house (next DH and I will be working on updating the garage (partial "man cave!) and landscaping a brand new back yard. A few more small touches will also be happening soon such as new door knobs to go with our new doors, new rain gutters, new exterior paint, a new garage door, and adding some shutters on the windows.

Today we ripped up the flooring in the kitchen and OH MY GOODNESS it was disgusting. The previous tenant lived here for about twenty years, and let's just say he may have never cleaned. Water damage, mold and just grossness! It is scary to think we could have been living in mold for a year now. I'm so happy we are getting rid of it before a future pregnancy (GOD WILLING.) Unfortunately we discovered most of the floor panels will need to be replaced. (We are on a raised foundation) Also, all drywall and ceiling will need to be replaced, so that is more time and noise! We ordered the cabinetry and granite counter tops yesterday and on Tuesday while the electrician is here putting in a new breaker box, we are going to go pick out the tile flooring and back splash. I'm soooo ready to have more counter space, a clean and fully functional kitchen and peace! Around the second week in December this should be complete! DH and I love the vintage country cottage look, so we are going with a traditional kitchen with a few modern touches, such as the granite counters instead of butcher block and white cabinetry. It will be stressful but at the same time will keep my mind busy. I know DH has a ton of small projects to do before the big guys come in, so he will stay busy as well. Let the chaos begin!

On another note, I got two baby shower invites for next month. I don't think I will be attending :( I'm getting better, just not there yet. Not quite strong enough emotionally. I will definitely send gifts and a special note. I wish the world was a bit more educated on infertility and it wasn't such a taboo subject in society. I wish that fertiles understood the despair of infertility and empathized. It would make it so much easier to have support...


The picture above is one I took of our Kitchen several months ago. GROSS!
This one below is what I hope it will look like!

Sorry it is blurry, I couldn't find a better picture online. This is the picture we took to our designer (our kitchen layout is pretty much exactly this (maybe a bit smaller) But this is an idea of what it might look like soon! (lighter granite, and an over the range microwave, and a little bit different on the color theme...)


  1. The first picture of the kitchen isn't showing up.

  2. So exciting can not wait to see the finished project.

  3. I can't wait to see the results, Amy! I hope to visit you and Robert sometime soon. I know we have to plan to go to a Ducks game together, or just have me and Robert sit on the couch cheering on the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Love you very much!!


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