Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday afternoon musings...

It's been an absolutely perfect weekend.
We had the pleasure of babysitting my friend's one year old daughter. Yesterday when she was dropped off, we took her to our local amusement park and got my stepson and took him as well which was nice because we go too long without seeing him. It was so much fun! We laughed, my lil' boy rode all the kiddie rides with his daddy and I pushed around my "niece" in her stroller whilst chatting with my dear MIL. We had wonderful talks about the future, love, marriage and how happy she is that her son has found the right mate and how much he has changed and just how happy he is now. I felt very special hearing that from her. After several hours, the kids were pooped and begging for naps! DH and I took our little niece to a near by mall and sat down at a restaurant and had a fun dinner. A balloon animal maker came by and made her the cutest puppy dog! That was so much fun! After dinner we brought her home, I bathed her and we read books and played until bed time. As I was laying down next to her, my heart swelled with joy. I realized just how blessed I am to even be around children. I have faith that soon enough we will have our own. As this precious little angel was falling asleep, she placed her little palm on my face and took her other hand and held mine. I thought it was a neat little way for a baby to get comfort enough to fall asleep. I truly felt like a mother yesterday. I was surprised myself, that I did not get upset once. I just enjoyed every moment of it.
Below is a picture of our precious boy and my "niece" on the train at the local amusement park!

As for me, I've made a call in to my PCP to get checked out. I called Dr. K's office asking about Metformin and if anyone would consider me being on this for my PCOS, and they responded saying I would need to call my primary doctor to ask that. Okay??? I didn't understand that, but I did it anyways. I am also blessed with an amazing primary doctor. She personally called me herself, saying she missed me, asked how I was doing and that she sees that we have been trying to have a baby. She was comforting, informative and just plain ole' nice! She wants me to go in tomorrow morning for fasting blood work and then on Friday to see her and talk about the next steps in my personal health, Metformin and possibly assisting my weight loss. I'm excited to start this new journey. We all decided to not get on Clomid until the new year and try non-fertility medicine approaches until then! Whilst doing that, DH is looking for work offshore, and I have a job opportunity opening next month, or I will be enrolling into school. Not sure yet what I will choose, but excited to make the decision!

I did not pick up my Provera. I decided to go ahead and not have our wedding anniversary is in two weeks and we are escaping to a resort in the mountains, and I DO NOT WANT to be on af, or in pain and moody! I think I made the best decision.

I want to make a special shout out to my fellow blogger browning2222! She got her bfp and was blessed with triplets! How amazing, and inspiring! That right there gives me hope! I'm thrilled for her and excited to follow her journey as well.

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  1. Well thank you so much. Your niece and son are so cute. I'm glad you had a great day.


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