Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Insomnia again, more thoughts from my head...

This post is going to be all over the place! Prepare yourselves :)

Finally! Halloween is over! Jeepers, all those little ones dressed up so cute coming to my doorstep and being able to pass out candy to the goblins, princesses, cowboys, fairies and so many more little characters. Staring out my bay window while all of all the neighbors are putting their dressed up tiny ones on their front steps and taking bunches of pictures, the cutest little trick or treater voices. I sure spoiled em' this year. Handfuls to each kid! I enjoyed it thoroughly, but inside I have to admit that I was a little saddened. Holidays are hard, but surrounding myself with support and enjoying those around me and just "being in the moment" helps. I had a friend over and we made carne asada and pollo asada tacos on the grill and I made my special bacon-wrapped jalapeno stuffed poppers while we all three watched ghost adventures! That kept me busy, so it was fun.

DH seemed sad all night... kind of quiet. I'm pretty sure I know why. He didn't get to see his boy, or his costume, but I'm sure he'll get pictures from someone. He was sure nice to all the kiddos that came by and he complimented all of their costumes and made each of them laugh.

Tomorrow is another busy day as our electrician is showing up at 7am to install a brand new breaker box and prepare himself to wire our kitchen for new lighting in the next few weeks. We also might go pick out our backsplash in another town where my SIL found hers. I also have a lot of bloodwork to be done tomorrow... just annual stuff for my primary doc. I have a vitamin D deficiency, so we are checking up on that, blood sugars, and just a bunch of stuff. Long day ahead!

I've contacted a couple of my friends who are professional personal trainers and I'm considering getting one to help me on my weight loss journey as I need a special plan tailored just to me considering some of my medical conditions. I hope to reach my goal---someday. I've always struggled with weight, and I'm tired of feeling so down on myself and not healthy. It is very hard for me to lose weight, but I'm ready for any and every sacrifice and any pain it comes with. TOTALLY ready. DH is losing weight too, so far a few pounds, so it will be great to support each other.

This month is going to get crazy. I just can't believe it is already November! My gorgeous little stepson will be turning 5!!! Thanksgiving!!! Kitchen Remodel!!! Looking into schools!!! Black Friday Shopping!!! Baby showers, several birthdays, a few friends are due, and a few family gatherings!!! I have been getting nightly headaches around the same time every night for about two weeks now. I sure hope they don't continue with all of the chaos ahead!

My bbs have been sore, and getting sharp and achy pains in them. TONS of wetness down there, and lots of sharp ovary pains. I'm thinking---maybe, just maybe I O'ed on my own this cycle??? Not so sure, but maybe I did and maybe I can actually expect a scheduled AF this time!

How's that for ALL OVER THE PLACE?!

Off to try to catch a few zzz's before the sun rises.

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  1. I hope you ovulated by yourself this cycle! Sounds promising! I can't wait to one day be remodeling our kitchen (and bathroom...and living room...haha). We have Big plans and small budget...but once I am done with school it will definitely be towards the top of things to get done!


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