Saturday, November 12, 2011


I'm home. I went, I conquered. I survived the emotional beating. Was really good to see all the cousins and aunts. My MIL is an angel. Sat by me, kept me busy, involved me. Introduced me to my nephew...Bless her heart. She knew it was going to be extremely hard for me, and supported me the entire time. She even offered to be my "out" because she had to leave before all the gifts were open. I took it!

Yes, it was hard, yes I had a fake smile on the whole time...but I'm proud I got through it. I will say one thing, I've never seen a more perfect pregnant body in my life! WOW...Caused a pretty bad tension headache though. So here I am on the couch, DH is spoiling me rotten, got a lavender hot pad around my neck, lavender hot pack slippers on my feet, he got me a pumpkin coffee and just smiled and told me he was proud of me. Such a good man.

On a fun side it was pretty funny that I won the baby question game. Out of all the moms, and moms to be, I knew the most about babies...hahaha. Got a cute gift: Hand soap and a mini hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works and a Starbucks giftcard! Well, a few more events to get through in the next few months... I think it will only get easier. I am just happy I'm not the hermit crab I was a few months ago.

I'm of course sad, and teary-eyed...but, this too shall pass.

That is about all for now...time to drown myself in pinterest and day dream.


  1. I am glad you made it through the baby shower with minimal battle scars. Good job Amy! =) I am praying you will get to experience the joys of motherhood with a baby of your own sooner rather than later.

  2. I don't know you, but I'm proud of you. I know that was hard and you were brave.

  3. I'm glad that you made it through the shower, I was in the same position you were a lot and took the chicken way out by not going. Also, I'm sure she loved your gift.

  4. I'm so very proud of you sweet sissa! You are a very strong woman!! I love you and miss you!! Xoxoxo <3 <3

  5. Glad you made it through, Amy. I know it's difficult for you to see other people's babies with your own difficulties getting pregnant. It is my fondest wish to see you have a baby of your own eventually. Have faith, it will happen!

    Love you.


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