Monday, November 21, 2011

Late adventures. TMI ALERT!


If you're not into TMI, don't read.

After wonderful, beautiful and very fun BD'ing---DH and I turned up the lights, kissed and looked down.
WHOA! Who was killed on the bed?!!!!! Murder scene alert.

Ok, so it wasn't THAT bad!

I'm screaming "Wash Cloth, COLD WATER, NOOOWWW!"
DH laughs, runs and gets a wash cloth soaked in cold water and returns. Scrub. Scrub. Scrub. WHEW!

(TIP: Ice cold water gets rid of blood in any fabric if applied immediately!)

YUUUPP, AF made her appearance, during BD--obviously. OH my GOSH. How embarrassing? I was like   I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry. My hunny laughed and said no worries, it's natural. Glad she came on her own. After my second Provera pill she's here... wow. I'm glad she's here though. Get it over and done with.

I realized I only have ONE tampon in the cupboard. CRAP! DH suggests we go on the hunt for a store still open selling tampons. Even though he has to be up in six hours he WILL NOT allow me to go out by myself, especially since it's raining. I regretfully agree.

We turned it into a fun adventure. Stopped and fulfilled a quesadilla craving and found a 24 hour Walmart about fifteen minutes away. WHEW! (He even got me a chocolate bar, shame on me!)

I'm so grateful to have my husband. What a wonderful man he is! I'm just glad af is here, and ready to move on. Calling Dr. K tomorrow and requesting Clomid prescription. Time to actually ovulate and have regular periods. This is just silly and stupid.

Hopefully this post made you laugh, I figured some of you have similar experiences! Why not laugh about the silly, crazy things that happen to us women?!!!

Well, cramps--HELLO. Hot Pack, you're amazing, and chocolate bar---you were like heaven to me!

Good Night Friends.


  1. That just about sounds like my luck. Chocolate....Yum.

  2. I love this and oh my goodness We have had many of those mishaps lol. I love you both and It is something to be able to giggle about!! And he's right it's natural! And don't feel guilty I eat like a horse when AF is here!! And I cry over everything possible lol. Now I want Chocolate mmm lol good night ♥♥


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