Saturday, November 12, 2011

Breathe! Just Breathe!

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So, while chatting with MIL at her house tonight discussing crafts and the sewing machine she's passing down to me, she brought up tomorrow. 'Tomorrow? What is tomorrow?" I asked.

Oh, your cousin's baby shower. UM? You told me it was the 20th!! (and although the invite is on the side of my fridge, I don't look at it I guess). "So hun, are you going?" "I was trying to decide, I thought I had a week to prep myself and make a gift for even if I don't go!!!" CRAP.

So I spun myself in circles (not literally, just mentally lol!) and decided last minute, I'd go. I need to stop distancing myself from family...just because of my emotions. So beware, I may barf, vomit, scream, and sob in my blog tomorrow night, who knows?

Well, I guess hubby and I aren't going to participate in the AUTISM SPEAKS walk-a-thon in Anaheim.... oh well, next time.

OK. I'mma go... Sh**...what am I going to bring? Well, I've been feeling crafty lately, so why don't I make something. I grab the keys and run to Walmart....the second I got there I realized why I never shop there anymore. Crap, crap and more crap...nothing I want or need. I literally run to the car, and drive a few blocks to Target. Target never does me wrong.

Run home, shut myself in my office, blast James Blunt on my ipod and I go to work. About ten minutes into me crafting, my DH sneaks in the room, quietly hands me a cup of Starbuck's Decaf Peppermint Mocha coffee. Bless his soul!!!!!

Well, MIL told me that cousin's baby theme is Chocolate Brown and Orange. The wee one's nickname is Little Bear. Wee one's father (DH's cousin) is one of the triplet cousins, and he was fraternal, the other two are identical, and he is a giant!!! He was called 'Bear' growing up, so they are passing that on to wee one.

So, below is my gift I put together, Tell me what you guys think!!! I'm so nervous no one will like it...I've NEVER crafted anything for a baby shower besides a diaper cake for my roommate, whom I hosted her baby shower a few years ago.

Background is month by month stickers to place on onesies during first year of baby's life I bought on Etsy a while back. Roses are made from baby wash cloths, embellished with rhinestones. Sign says "Of course I can do anything, I am a Mother." which I had in my card making drawer and just layered it with cardstock. Teddy Bear is propped on a package of Huggies wipes:

Ok, so I have to totally get up early in the morning and prepare myself all day. I want to look nice but I need to be in the right emotional state. I'm not riding with MIL, so I can leave if I need to. I think I'll be fine though. I'm pretty close to most of DH's cousins, and my favorite aunts will be there to chat with.


Also, next weekend is my stepson's birthday party...which of course I want to go to, it will just be hard to be around DH's exwife who is pregnant and due in January. I don't hate her, but again, around pregnancy. Also, things have been awkward, and not fun between us all... so it will be rough. That's another emotional time. Thanksgiving with DH's family with 2 pregnant cousins, and SIL's 3 month old baby. SIGH. Then the first weekend in December is the other cousin's baby shower. OH, plus the kitchen remodel is taking longer than we thought....WOW... talk about an emotional roller coaster ahead. LORD, help me. I've got to keep it together!!!!!!

BED TIME. Or so, I hope. I curse you insomnia!


  1. I like the gift you made. Rather cute, Amy.

  2. I love that gift, sorry I didn't respond sooner wasn't around the internet until now. You are such a crafty girl.


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