Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wicked Witch of the West.

How fitting that is right now.
Here's why:
Witch= your period. AF is the witch!
Witch=exactly what I am today. A mean old witch!
Oh, and I live on the WEST coast, so today I'm the witch of the west...WICKED witch of the west!
If only I could have those sparkly ruby red heels.... so so pretty...

Today started off on a bad AWFUL note by being awakened from horrific nightmares (very common for me.)
DH had the day off so I let him sleep in while I got up and had some coffee and showered. Then I just threw the biggest hissy fit you've ever seen over not being able to find my blow dryer. How ridiculous is that?! Seriously, I need to calm down! IF I ONLY HAD A BRAIN! I swear my hormones are so jacked up. Such extreme moods. I'm pretty good at yelling at poor DH. IF I ONLY HAD A HEART! I started bawling a bit after that. Just bawling my eyes out realizing more holidays without children. My two, or even just one of our own. THAT came from no where. IF I ONLY HAD COURAGE! Finally DH and I calmed down, we went to lunch--which was very nice, then went shopping for makings for MIL's cake (her birthday is tomorrow) and the makings for some cute treats I am going to bring to Thanksgiving dinner at the in law's house. It was nice to finish the day on a good note... looks like we did make it to Emerald City after all.

Things are getting nuts. Looks like the kitchen will take longer than we thought and will require more to be done than we thought. At least no DEMOLITION has happened yet and I'm still able to cook and clean...It's going to be rough when we can't but so worth that struggle in the end.

Can't get Dr. K's office to call me back, looking like I won't get Clomid for the correct cycle days this month, so maybe have to start it next cycle. At least I have the Provera for when I notice AF is late. I just need to pull through these next few months. December and January, oh and February will be tough for me emotionally and there will be a lot of stressful things happening and quite a few babies being born...all around us. I must keep praying and having faith. We must keep praying together as husband and wife that God will get us through this and for us to better understand his plan in our marriage and lives.

Side note: Go Country 105 just played a song dedicated to DH. Just so happened he was listening at that moment from the bedroom. Ginny said "next is 'Come a Little Closer' dedicated to Robert Schoales from his wife Amy... they just settled an argument." Was a good way to let him know I was sorry. Gawsh I love technology these days <3


  1. I'm glad that your day got better. I'm praying for you.

  2. Glad your day ended on a sweet note. I fall apart at small things too...glad I'm not the only one...unfortunately I no longer have a ton of meds to "blame" it on...now it's just me!! :0P! Sorry to hear about your Dr..hope you hear from them!

  3. I'm sure glad things got better for you as the day went on. Not surprised you have nightmares. You've been through hell and back in your life, so some of those bad memories are playing back in your dreams.

    I hope you have a nice Turkey Day with the in-laws. :)

  4. Hugs. I'm glad everything went on fine. I've been thinking about you...

    By the way, I pass the Liebster Blog Award on to you. Good luck!


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