Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 5

Day 5-15 facts about yourself:

Well, I kind of did this post before, but I will try to think of some things that have not been said before.

  1. I have no idea what my natural hair color is nowadays. When I was young I was a platinum blonde, and as I got older I believe I'm a light brown. I have always loved to change my hairstyle.
  2. I am borderline OCD when it comes to cleaning.
  3. As a teenager, I was seriously obsessed with *NSYNC!
  4. I am a very thrifty shopper, but can find name brand things in stores for way less than half of the normal price! I have nice things, but never buy anything full price, and I love coupons!!!
  5. Growing up my favorite color changed from RED to TEAL to PINK, and now I'm settled at PURPLE!
  6. I love anything to do with music and find it so therapeutic. 
  7. I highly dislike when people spell things WAAYY wrong, and misuse "too" and "to" as well as "you're" and "your."
  8. I hate that I have wide calves because I'm seriously obsessed with boots! My first big purchase when I reach my goal weight will be some knee-high riding or biker boots!
  9. I love the biker/boho/vintage look!
  10. My husband and I are obsessed with going to antique stores, and I have a collection of very old antique photographs.
  11. I dream to be an ultrasound tech in the next few years :)
  12. I hope to buy a DSLR starter kit to begin a hobby that I love, photographing!
  13. I still dream and wish I had a loving mother in my life today :(
  14. I am very much so obsessed with anything to do with Owls!
  15. I have eleven tattoos, and hope to get more soon!
Hope that helped you get to know me a little better....

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