Wednesday, January 4, 2012

yet another plain update.

Kitchen is moving along! Granite counter tops go in on Saturday. Our new fridge is in and being put to use. Life is still busy. I'm not so much in the ttc mode right now. Just trying to live life. I enjoy group discussions and fun and support from the facebook group "Keep the Hope" and blogger, but that is about it. I've upgraded my phone to a spiffy 4G amazing phone so I downloaded another app to track my cycles-so I've been doing that--but that is about it. Sadly on the 28th, one of my fur babies, Widget, got out during construction and is gone. No one has turned him in or reported him lost. His brother Fletcher misses him so much, as do I. I dream about him every night, and we are sad.

I'm really not realizing yet that it is a new year, yet alone January. It reached 89 degrees today and I was in shorts and a t-shirt! Craziness. OH, acne has returned. YUCK. I feel constantly bloated and I hate it. I'm still following all of you out there and excited to see all of your updates!

I will post pictures when our counter tops come in! Still trying to decide on which backsplash we love....

Take care everyone!


  1. oh no, I hope Widget comes home soon. Keep your hope up a friend's pug was found by a good Samaritan and her family was called a few days later. I hope the same will be true for your fur baby. What an awful feeling. oxo

  2. Hope that Widget comes back or is returned to you.

  3. Hoping Widget returns soon! Can't wait to see pics of the kitchen!


  4. Any news on Widget?? Thanks for the link on my blog! =0)


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