Friday, August 12, 2011

August 12, 2011 Pelvic exam U/S

Dragged out of bed today...DH had the day off so we both dragged out of bed, hopped in the shower. I put a pretty flower dress on, because don't you have to look pretty to be exposed and have a wand shoved up you? Plus, wearing a dress is SO MUCH easier when getting a double u/s... keeping my bladder full of water was the most uncomfortable part.

We got there a couple minutes late so my technician had taken another patient in. We waited a few minutes in the waiting room...Then the technician walked out-- When she called my name she seemed so sweet....walked me back to the room and we began to chat while I hopped up on the table. She says "your chart says you have had two c-sections but you are on fertility treatments??" Yup, I told her my story... and she told me hers. She's a Clomid success story! She was the sweetest lady that I have met at a doctor's office. I felt so comfortable and at ease. It has always been painful to get u/s and she told me it was from the c-section scar tissue. Understandable.

We checked my follicles while at this U/S too. (RE ordered this exam because he's worried about the fluid in my cervix that does not go away, and wanted to check my uterus) Technician said looks like I ovulated already from my right ovary. Which is good that I ovulated, but upsetting that it is happening so soon. Maybe that is one of my issues? I'm ovulating now way too soon? Does that even cause issues? Google time.
Also, she (technician) has a great theory... maybe, just maybe this "mysterious fluid" in my cervix is causing DH's little swimmers to not be able to go up to where they need to??? When I explained that to DH he says "you mean like a wall that they are slamming into?" Yes, honey. Like a wall that is keeping them from going where they need to. Technician suggested to talk to RE about a possible small outpatient procedure to clear out my cervix? I think I'll bring that up to RE when I go back! Also my uterus is tilted back. Figured that much already.
So, rundown:
Ovulated this cycle looks like from Miss "Right" Ovary, but possibly ovulating too early???
Mysterious fluid in cervix still present--possibly causing swimmers to not reach my egg?
Uterus tilted back.
Will hear more when RE checks the results.

Technician told me she used Robitussin and the "instead cup" and got pregnant on cycle 2 of Clomid 50mg each time. (First time with tripletts, who sadly passed away and a singleton the second time who's name is Gracie-aww)
I think I'll use these next cycle (I hope there isn't a next cycle, and we are successful this time!) She says as I walk out "Hope next time I see you, there is a baby in there" with a huge smile on her face. Me too, me too...

Someone who knew exactly how I felt and knew how badly I wanted a baby, made me feel at ease, shared her success, and supported me. I couldn't have asked for a nicer experience during an uncomfortable doctor's visit. I've been smiling since.

Thank you God for this little blessing you sent today.

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  1. First off love the new background. Then, I hope this is your cycle also, if not it sounds like you have a game plan for next time though (that always makes me happy, I'm a planner).


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