Thursday, August 18, 2011

August 18, 2011 Progesterone Draw

Today was my CD21 Progesterone draw. Will have those results tomorrow, so I'm praying for a good number indicating ovulation! They are getting better at getting it right the first time, so I was only poked once today! I was so happy to get behind the wheel again! It was nice, even though the lab is only about six minutes away, it was good to feel that free again.

As far as symptoms go, bbs have been pretty painful on and off, and on the sides this time and nips too when they are hard. VERY fatigued. Slept for two hours yesterday afternoon, and went to bed early which is unheard of for me on a normal basis. Very weepy, crying over anything! Smells are a little stronger...major hunger pangs yesterday.

Not getting my hopes up though, because these have happened before, except the bbs hurting on the sides. I pass it off as the Clomid. I have noooo clue why but, I took a test yesterday... how silly of me? I just randomly thought of it and ran to the bathroom. Of course, naturally it was a BFN... waaay too soon to test anyways.

Well, today my SIL is due, so we will see if baby Luke comes on time or not....preparing myself for that mentally. I just need to remember that its another one of God's blessings, and that I am an auntie again, and to be grateful for that. I need to push the selfish emotions aside and love this innocent baby that is about to be here!

Prayers for us all, for good news to come our way!


  1. Hope you get good results tomorrow. The new baby is going to be a hard one, I feel like everywhere I go in this town I see pregnant women. I've drank a lot of water but I guess it's not in the water. :(

  2. I hope you have a great day and get some great news! I am thinking of you today!

  3. Browning2222---I am drinking the water too! And NOTHING :(

    Ducky---thanks girl for being so supportive, it means the world!


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