Sunday, August 21, 2011

August 21, 2011 Bitter Sweet, babies....

Yesterday we found out late in the afternoon that my SIL had actually had her baby that day at 3:20 that morning. Today we were able to go to the hospital and meet our nephew. Unfortunately he was very fussy (circumcision today) and we only stayed about ten minutes. I brought gifts, and got to talk to SIL. Only in labor for less than three hours! WOW. Little Luke was 7 lbs 12 oz I believe. Didn't get to hold him, but got a good peek at him. I also found out my cousin had her son the day before. And on the 12th, a friend of mine had her son.

Baby flood has begun!


I was okay at the hospital visiting my nephew Luke. I had major butterflies in my tummy, not sure why---but I think I knew it would be hard. The moment we walked up to the Mother and Baby floor, there was a tour going on... talk about 30 pregnant women and their husbands all in a row. Then seeing all the babies.. and seeing how my SIL seemed so happy. I kept looking at DH. I hope and pray that that will be us one day. We took a long drive down the coast after that....about an hour. The same drive we used to do when we were dating. Just love songs blasting....and watching the ocean as we drive. I wanted to cry! But, I held it in and kinda stayed quiet the rest of the way. I didn't want to upset him. We have a new nephew here, and that is a blessing in itself. And he is just gorgeous, and precious and I can't wait to hold him.

Thank you God, for sending all these handsome little sons to these mothers and fathers. I know you have something in store for us. I pray for peace, guidance, and understanding.

Baby dust to us all.


  1. I experienced the same butterflies and silence after we went to see his best friend's new baby earlier this month. It is tough, no matter how close the person is with the new born baby. The new child (and pregnant bellies) will always be a reminder of what your heart craves ♥ But remember you are not alone on this walk!

  2. I have an email up on my blog page now. In the Caution section aboves the blog entries. I may be sticking around after all....but would gladly accept emails! =)

  3. Just finding your blog and totally related to this post. One of my best friends is in labor now and I am excited, extremely excited to meet her little girl. I am carrying my phone around everywhere I go and couldn't sleep at all last night. But, at the same time, I know it will be so hard. I love that you put a positive spin on something that can feel negative. I will begin saying that I know there is something in store for us as well. Keep it positive, right! Thanks for the inspiration!


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